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Archaeology Laboratory

The Archaeology Laboratory at Shiv Nadar University serves as a space to teach laboratory methods in archaeology such as ceramic, artefact and ecofact classification. 

The Archaeology Laboratory located in D 105 and 107 at Shiv Nadar University is an ideal space to teach laboratory-based archaeological methods, such as the classification, documentation and analyses of specimens ranging from ceramics to artefacts and ecofacts. The Laboratory houses a small teaching collection of ceramic samples of various periods and regions within India, and artefacts collected through surveys from a number of sites in northern India. There is a small but growing collection of modern geological and shell specimens that are extremely useful to teach identification of samples to students. 

  • Archaeology Laboratory

    The Archaeology Laboratory in Shiv Nadar University is a teaching-cum-research space for students and faculty. Archaeological lab-based methods, such as ceramic, artefact and ecofact... read more