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Minor in Archaeology

Mapping at Siri Fort
The Minor in Archaeology is taught from the Department of History.

The History Department offers a Minor in Archaeology where students explore the field of archaeology through a range of theoretical and hands-on courses. ARC/HIS 101 Introduction to Archaeology is compulsory for the Archaeology Minor, apart from which five other courses must be completed from the Core and Elective offerings in the Department of History, to qualify for the Minor. Some of the courses are: Bronze Age Civilizations, Archaeology of South Asia, Field Methods in Archaeology, Archaeology of Landscape, Curating Cultures, Seeing the Past, and Archaeology of Cities.

A total of 24 credits or 6 courses must be earned by students to complete the Minor.

The Archaeology Laboratory of the Center for Archaeology, Heritage and Museum Studies serves as the venue for many of the classes, tutorials and labs for students taking courses in archaeology. Students taking the Archaeology Minor are expected to participate in hands-on workshops organised by faculty such as on archaeological mapping, ceramic classification and GIS.